About Us

Our Story

Hi! My name is Lauren, and I'm the owner of Dallas Teacup Puppies. 

 My husband, Martin, and I raise all of our puppies with love in our home. Our puppies are well socialized and receive love and affection from the moment they're born all the way until they transition to their loving, forever homes!

 We take pride in the puppies that we raise and believe that outstanding quality is not expensive - it's priceless! We are not a backyard breeder or pet store, we are devoted to raising healthy, happy puppies that are true teacups by selecting genetically small parents, not runts, that are of the highest quality and exceptional champion bloodlines! Most of our adult dogs are registered through the American Kennel Club (AKC), KKF or FCI. Our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract and some are available with limited AKC registration. They are for pet homes only and we do not sell with breeding rights. 

 We have searched all over the world for the best-of-the-best, and have been able to secure incredible dogs from highly sought after champion lines in both Europe and Asia. We are EXTREMELY selective, not only in appearance, but equally as important is temperament! The temperament of the parents is often passed down to the puppies. We strive to raise puppies that are not only incredibly beautiful, but also with loving and gentle temperaments

 We invest thousands of dollars every year to ensure all of our dogs receive the highest quality medical care, nutrition, and pre-natal care. If you are looking for a "cheap" dog, please continue your search elsewhere. Our babies are NOT cheap - they are priceless! Your dream puppy is a 12-15+ year commitment and is well worth the investment! "Cheap" dogs are often from puppy mills and inevitably result in thousands of dollars in medical bills due to poor breeding. All of our dogs are examined by our veterinarian, who specializes in reproductive care, before each planned breeding. We also genetically test and clear ALL of our adult dogs for 230+ diseases prior to breeding. Our puppies speak for themselves and we 100% stand behind the quality of our dogs. 

We price our puppies individually based on breed, size, gender and features. Our prices start at $3,500 and go up from there. Our prices reflect the amount of financial investment, time, research and love that we have poured into our breeding program and into each puppy that leaves our home.

*Important Disclaimers* 

1) We reserve the right to refuse a sale at any point during the sale! These reasons may include but are not limited to: If we feel our puppy would be in danger in your home, if we have been mislead/lied to regarding your intentions for our puppy, or if you concealed facts that would have disqualified you from being considered as a adoptive individual/family for our puppy.

 We have a great responsibility to our fur-babies to ensure that we place them in loving, forever homes and we take that responsibility very seriously! We choose the home for our puppies, they are NOT just sold to the "highest bidder". We will NOT place a puppy in a home until we have spoken to you over the phone to get to know you. 

2) I will ALWAYS and HAPPILY take a puppy back from our breeding for any reason. I do not want my babies to end up in shelters due to unexpected life circumstances. It doesn't matter if it has been 1 year or 10 years, I will always readily accept them back into my home and will personally find loving homes for them. 

3) I reserve the right (should I choose) to have first pick of the litter to keep a puppy back for my breeding program. This ensures that we can carry on exceptional quality for future generations when we retire our females. Our first priority is the health and safety of our females and we do NOT over-breed them. We work closely with our veterinarian to ensure our females and males are in impeccable health before breeding.