We price our puppies individually based on size, gender, features, and bloodline. We have GORGEOUS champion bloodlines from Europe and South Korea that feature the highly sought after "Babydoll" and "Teddy Bear" faces! Each of our puppy parents were hand-selected and we spared no expense to invest in EXCEPTIONAL quality and INCREDIBLE temperaments! 

We also follow an extensive socialization and desensitization program that each of our puppies graduate from before leaving our home. We spend hundreds of hours with each litter to ensure that each puppy develops a loving, gentle, cuddly, and well-rounded temperament. 

If you're looking for a "cheap" puppy, we are NOT the breeder for you. Our puppies are not "cheap"- they are PRICELESS! We invest thousands of dollars every year into quality veterinary care, pre-natal + post-natal care, high-quality nutrition, genetic testing, and so much more to ensure that we are raising the healthiest puppies possible. We also invest thousands of dollars to selectively import the best-of-the-best from around the world, and that is very expensive to do. We 100% stand behind the quality of our dogs, and know the financial, emotional and time investment that we have made to raise exceptional fur-babies - and we do NOT negotiate their prices. 

However, if you're looking for:

Then you've come to the RIGHT place! 

The following is a GENERAL guide to our pricing and is subject to vary based on each puppy's individual qualities. Please note, for this range our males will generally be on the lower-end and our girls will be on the upper-end. Additionally, we breed Teacup and Toy sizes (we also occasionally have Micro-Teacups) and our Teacups and Micro-Teacups will cost more than our Toy sizes.  While NO breeder can guarantee adult size, through our experience, knowledge of the ancestry, and comparing their weight with a growth chart - we usually get very close!

We also like to clarify that "Teacup" means different things to different people, and if you ask different breeders each one will give you a different answer. "Teacup" is simply a colloquial term for estimated adult size, it is NOT an official term used by the AKC. For OUR program, we consider the following size categories:

Toy Size - Estimated to weigh 5lbs - 7lbs fully-grown

Tiny-Toy - Estimated to weigh 4lbs - 5lbs fully-grown

Teacup - Estimated to weigh 3lbs - 4 lbs fully-grown

and Micro-Teacup - Estimated to weigh LESS than 3lbs fully-grown. These are extremely RARE to find, and we do not intentionally breed for them however we do occasionally have puppies this tiny. 


EUROPEAN YORKIES - $3,500 - $4,500

KOREAN MALTESE - $5,500 - $6,500