The Gentlemen

Meet Enzo!

 The pride of our breeding program - Enzo Ferrari! 

He is an absolute SHOW-STOPPER! We imported Enzo from Europe in February 2020. He is the result of multiple generations of champions, and both of his parents have earned championship titles. He has the most LUXURIOUS silky coat, gorgeous chestnut eyes, and an exceptional babydoll face! Enzo has an incredibly gentle, loving temperament that captivates you from the moment you meet him. He is definitely a "mama's boy" and follows me everywhere. Regardless of where I am in the house, I can count on Enzo sitting quietly at my feet waiting to be held.

Fun fact:

Enzo LOVES to snuggle! If you hold him upright, he will lean backwards in your arms so that you cradle him like a baby. We have tested this with multiple people and he does it EVERY time. It is absolutely adorable! He is perfectly content just being snuggled and will fall asleep right in your arms. 

Socks (Future Stud)

  My sweet little baby! 💙 This adorable boy traveled all the way from Seoul, South Korea to join our family! "Socks" is a Toy size Red Korean Poodle with a beautiful teddy bear face! He is such a little sweetheart with a tender, loving soul. We fell-in-love with him from the moment we met him! As soon as we saw his adorable tiny white paws, we knew his name had to be Socks. Socks is going to be the future stud for our Teacup Korean Maltipoos (real life teddy bears!) and Korean Poodles.